What Are the Different Types of Field Marketing Jobs?

Helen Akers
Helen Akers
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The majority of field marketing jobs deal with advising a company's retail locations. Field specialists may work with a number of stores in a certain market territory to increase sales volume. Sales representatives that specialize in retail account management and merchandising is another popular type of field marketing. Market researchers also work in the field, gathering primary data through surveys and focus groups.

Large companies that operate several retail locations, such as restaurants and merchandisers, offer field marketing jobs that specialize in territory management. Account managers routinely visit a number of store locations within an assigned territory and help them develop effective local marketing plans. The managers may also work directly with store management and employees to implement corporate marketing incentives, monitor the stores' sales performance and assist with merchandise resets to maximize incremental sales.

Account managers may also be recognized as market managers or field marketing specialists. These positions require employees to spend a great deal of their time on the road, traveling between locations. Market managers must also be good at analyzing data and coming up with creative ideas to develop and seize business opportunities.

Outside sales representatives are another one of the types of field marketing jobs. Employees who work in direct sales spend the majority of their work day calling on customers. Some sales jobs primarily deal with account maintenance and gaining incremental sales, while others deal with a combination of lead generation and account maintenance. Sales representatives are responsible for managing their own schedules and closing leads.

Major manufacturers may sell their product to retailers through a team of direct delivery sales representatives. As far as field marketing jobs are concerned, this type differs slightly from the sales representative who calls on customers to make sales presentations. The direct delivery sales representative is responsible for delivering and merchandising product in an established sales territory. He is more concerned with providing high service levels, maintaining the manufacturer's shelf space, managing proper inventory levels and presenting business reviews to store managers.

Market researchers are another type of one of the available field marketing jobs. They may intercept potential survey respondents in retail locations or go door-to-door. Researchers ask consumers a set of pre-defined questions that attempt to gain insight into purchasing behavior and perceptions about companies and products. Some researchers are involved in facilitating focus groups that ask individuals to directly interact with products or advertising and provide their impressions.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up