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What Are the Different Types of Internet Marketing Jobs?

Nick Mann
Nick Mann

The different types of marketing options for businesses have seen significant growth since the rise of the Internet. This has made it much more affordable to quickly promote and expand businesses as opposed to traditional, offline methods. As a result, there are four primary types of Internet marketing jobs available. These include search engine optimization experts, pay-per-click marketers, social media marketers and e-mail campaign marketers. Some businesses will use only one method, while others will employ a combination of marketing strategies for optimum results.

Perhaps one of the most in demand Internet marketing jobs is that of search engine optimization experts. These individuals make use of search engines to reach the widest audience possible. Typically, specialists will find keywords that are highly searched with a minimal amount of competition. They will then utilize those keywords to bring a website to the attention of people searching for a particular phrase. In turn, a business's website will usually generate a high level of organic traffic that should help to increase sales.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

Another of the common Internet marketing jobs is pay-per-click marketing. Individuals using this marketing strategy will make use of an online advertising platform, such as Google AdWords™. Essentially, marketers will design a campaign that pays a predetermined amount of money for each visitor driven to a business's website.

These Internet marketers will know how to effectively get the most visitors for the minimum amount of money. This method basically consists of the idea of exchanging quarters for dollars, where more money is made than money spent. In turn, profits should noticeably supersede the business's initial investments.

Social media marketers are steadily becoming more valuable in the world of Internet marketing jobs. As social networking platforms grow in popularity, the need for expert marketers is also growing. These individuals will commonly make use of 2.0 websites and popular apps to create an online presence for a business. This method is sometimes referred to as viral marketing which uses a social component in order to create a successful business.

In addition, e-mail campaign marketers are another of the Internet marketing jobs. E-mail campaigns basically bring in customers by first establishing a list of people interesting in a particular topic or product. Marketers will then ask for the e-mail addresses of potential clients, and then create a list of those e-mail addresses. The business will then periodically send out e-mail messages to potential clients and repeat customers explaining offers of various products. This technique can be extremely lucrative once a list of dedicated customers is established.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer