What Are the Best Tips for Getting Overseas Nursing Jobs?

K. Kinsella
K. Kinsella
In many regions, the demand for nurses outpaces the available supply.
In many regions, the demand for nurses outpaces the available supply.

Nurses are medical professionals who provide care to both outpatients and hospital inpatients. People applying for overseas nursing jobs must have gone through the appropriate nursing training in their home nations and in some instances, a trained nurse may have to complete a certification test before being able to work abroad. Locating jobs overseas can be difficult and many medical professionals find these positions with the help of recruiting firms.

Nurse training varies between nations but in most instances, people who wish to work in this profession have to complete a college training course that usually culminates in a written and a practical examination. Thereafter, an individual may have to apply for an actual nursing license and that process may involve completing another test. Anyone applying for overseas nursing jobs must be able to present his or her professional credentials to prospective employers and in some nations, government agencies will issue internationally recognized certification documents that can be used to validate the credentials of domestic workers seeking employment overseas.

In some areas, the demand for nurses outpaces the supply in which case these professionals may find work by contacting hospitals and medical firms directly. Job seekers often use the internet to locate job openings and in nations with national healthcare systems foreign nurses may need to contact the government employment office to apply for work. Someone applying for a job in a country using an unfamiliar dialect may need to enlist the help of a professional translator when applying for jobs to ensure that forms are accurately completed. In some nations, nurses are able to perform many of the same functions as physicians while in other places industry related rules limit the duties of these healthcare professionals. Someone considering overseas nursing jobs should research the nature of the role in each nation before applying for work.

International staffing agencies assist overseas medical firms with finding qualified recruits to fill vacant jobs. Therefore, someone attempting to find overseas nursing jobs may register with a staffing agency that specializes in helping those involved in the healthcare field. These agencies employ representatives who have second language skills and are familiar with the process of applying for work permits and visas. While working with an agency may involve a small fee, agents can greatly speed up the job hunting process.

Some employers are reluctant to hire people who have never worked abroad. To get around this issue, some people gain overseas experience by working as volunteers. Many international charitable organizations employ nursing college students in summer internship programs and in some instances, these training sessions can lead to offers of paid work.

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    • In many regions, the demand for nurses outpaces the available supply.
      In many regions, the demand for nurses outpaces the available supply.