What Are the Best Tips for Getting Driving Jobs Overseas?

K. Kinsella

Haulage firms, distribution companies and travel operators are among the types of businesses that employ large numbers of people in driving jobs overseas. Anyone wishing to apply for of these roles must have a valid drivers license and prior professional driving experience. Additionally, these individuals may have to obtain visas, work permits and have some second language skills.

Some people contact travel firms that operate resorts overseas and seek out foreign taxi driver jobs.
Some people contact travel firms that operate resorts overseas and seek out foreign taxi driver jobs.

Employers seeking to fill driving jobs overseas normally require job applicants to have an international driving permit. This government issued document proves that an individual is licensed to operate a motor vehicle in his or her home nation. Additionally, many nations have rules in place requiring those who operate large vehicles, such as trucks and dumpster,s to have a commercial drivers license (CDL). In order to obtain such a license, an individual may have to undergo a driving test that includes both written and practical components. Anyone taking such an examination must ensure that the firm operating the course is able to issue licenses that are internationally recognized as being valid.

Some multi-national firms ship goods across international borders in which case domestic employees may be able to land driving jobs overseas simply by volunteering for routes that involve crossing national borders. An individual seeking a job that is entirely based in another nation may post for such a role by contacting the domestic human resources (HR) wing of a company that has operations in many countries. The domestic HR representatives can liaise with their counterparts overseas on behalf of the applicant. Likewise, some people contact travel firms that operate resorts overseas and seek out foreign based taxi driver jobs and other types of postings.

In areas where driving regulations are lax or non-existent, some firms prefer to hire foreign drivers rather than domestic workers. When this occurs, these companies may contact international staffing agencies that can contact experienced drivers who are based in other nations. Many companies pay premium prices to people who accept driving jobs overseas in locations that are deemed to be high-risk due to ongoing conflicts such as war or civil conflicts. Aside from corporations, many charitable organizations also recruit drivers from around the world to drive trucks containing aid and food packages. These jobs are often posted on the charity's website although some of these roles are for volunteers rather than paid workers.

Having located an employment opportunity, a driver must obtain a work permit, visa and any other documents that are needed to live and work overseas. Many drivers routinely cross borders in which case they may need to have visas for several different nations. These individuals must consult tax advisers before accepting such roles to ensure that they understand which regional or national governments they are required to pay taxes to when they drive vehicles in foreign nations.

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