What Are the Best Tips for Getting Nanny Jobs Overseas?

K. Kinsella
K. Kinsella
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A nanny or au pair is a childcare provider who normally lives with a family performs some household chores and takes care of one or more children. People attempting to land nanny jobs overseas may need to have second language skills, prior childcare experience, and a valid drivers license. While some people find work by responding directly to classified advertisements, other individuals find work with the assistance of staffing recruitment agencies.

On a daily basis, a nanny may have to cook meals, do the laundry, help children with their homework and drive family members to school or appointments. Therefore, someone thinking about applying for nanny jobs overseas must know how to operate household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers and have the right kind of temperament and interpersonal skills to work with youngsters. Driving laws vary between nations and someone with a valid domestic license may have to take a further test or pay an application fee to obtain an international drivers license that is recognized as legitimate in countries across the globe. An individual who cannot yet drive should enroll in lessons because many people view driving as one of a nanny's prime job responsibilities.

Most people are cautious about hiring people to work with their children and many employers require applicants for nanny jobs overseas to pass a background check. Logistically, it can be difficult for a foreign individual to conduct a background check on a prospective new hire in which case someone wishing to work as a nanny can take the proactive step of ordering their own criminal background check. Many security firms offer these reports, and the document can serve as evidence that the job applicant has had no prior legal problems or criminal convictions.

Someone applying for overseas nanny jobs should attempt to find work in nations that share a common language with the applicant's home nation. Anyone wishing to work in a country where a different dialect is spoken should ideally enroll in a language degree program at a university, or attend a short-term language training course at a community college. Many national embassies and consulates can translate transcripts from these classes and other college courses into foreign languages. An applicant may stand a better chance of landing a job if he or she can provide prospective employers with these transcripts.

Rather than searching through classified advertisements and online job listings, some people looking for nanny jobs overseas enlist the help of staffing agencies. Some of these firms specialize in filling nanny roles and the agents who work for these firms are equipped to help job seekers apply for work permits and travel visas. Aside from recruitment firms, other people find nanny jobs overseas by registering with non-profit groups that send volunteers abroad to work in nanny roles during breaks between college semesters. People applying for volunteer positions or through staffing firms need to have the same documents and skills as those who directly apply for vacant positions.

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