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What Are the Best Tips for Getting Overseas Medic Jobs?

K. Kinsella
K. Kinsella

Trained medical professionals including physicians and surgeons sometimes apply for overseas medic jobs. Someone wishing to work in this capacity typically must possess internationally recognized academic and professional credentials. Additionally, some employers prefer to hire applicants who have previously worked overseas in which case someone applying for overseas medic jobs may have to spend some time working on a voluntary basis.

Universities and medical schools around the world offer a variety of training courses that prepare individuals to work in the medical field. In some parts of the world, medical students have access to more advanced technology during training that their counterparts elsewhere. Therefore, employers accept applications from people who were trained in certain nations but do not always accept the academic credentials of people who were educated in other parts of the world. Prior to enrolling in college or medical school, someone planning to apply for overseas medic jobs further down the line must ensure that the educational establishment in question offers degree programs and training courses that meet international standards.

Many non-profit groups offer internships in impoverished nations.
Many non-profit groups offer internships in impoverished nations.

Social, cultural and political differences can make working overseas a daunting proposition for many people. Therefore, some firms prefer to hire individuals who worked overseas as interns while at college. Typically, the people who take on these roles are allowed to assist doctors during surgery but since these people have yet to finish college they are not able to prescribe medication or work without being under the direct supervision of a certified medical professional. Aside from internships, many graduates spend some time working as volunteers for international non-profit groups that operate in impoverished or war-torn nations. Employers are often more likely to hire people who have had some prior experience with working in a foreign location even if only in a volunteer role.

Aside from educational and cultural differences, language barriers can be a problem for someone interested in posting for overseas medic jobs. An individual who lacks foreign language skills may benefit from enrolling in a short-term language course at a community college or online. To maximize their job prospects, some people enroll in several language courses so that they will be able to communicate with people in many different regions.

Finding overseas jobs can be tricky and negotiating red tape related to visas and work permits can be confusing. Therefore, many people contact staffing recruitment agencies that specifically seek out qualified medics to work in foreign nations. These agencies have representatives who are able to assist physicians and other medical professionals with completing immigration documents and other paperwork. Alternatively, some people apply for overseas medic jobs through domestic government sponsored entities that fund overseas aid missions.

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    • Many non-profit groups offer internships in impoverished nations.
      By: TheFinalMiracle
      Many non-profit groups offer internships in impoverished nations.