What are the Best Methods for Organizing a Kitchen?

K. Testa

There are many different methods for organizing a kitchen. Choosing the best option usually involves analyzing one’s organizational issues first, and then applying the appropriate solutions. For instance, some people may simply need to de-clutter their kitchens, including any excess paper. People might also have inefficient organizing systems. These can waste time, forcing users to walk back and forth to gather necessary tools, rather than having them grouped together. Another potential problem could be that people simply need improved storage systems to hold all of their kitchen items. There are many options available today to help people create efficient kitchens, from home improvement products to organizing professionals.

There are different methods for organizing a kitchen.
There are different methods for organizing a kitchen.

The first step in organizing a kitchen might be to de-clutter the room. This can be accomplished by emptying all of the cabinets and drawers, separating things into piles, and eliminating the items that are used rarely or never. Old useless items can go straight into the trash. If the kitchen contains many things that are still in usable condition, the owner could hold a yard sale or donate them to a charity. Ideally, the items that remain are those that are used regularly. They can either be put back in a drawer or cabinet, or stored in another part of the home until needed.

An organized kitchen.
An organized kitchen.

When organizing a kitchen, paper-taming might be considered a subset of de-cluttering. As the central gathering place in many households, the kitchen often doubles as an office, or simply a catch-all site for various types of papers. In general, most people want to use their kitchens primarily for cooking and eating, so there is not usually a need for large quantities of paper. If part of the kitchen needs to function as an office, however, one might consider investing in some organizers or filing systems that keep papers out of sight.

Once the area is de-cluttered, organizing a kitchen usually requires arranging things in a way that makes them more accessible. Most people like to group items according to their function and frequency of use. Storing pots and pans near the stove, for instance, can increase efficiency when preparing meals. Many organizers suggest keeping daily items within easy reach. Things that are used less frequently can be stored on higher shelves or in the back of a cabinet. Furthermore, to make the best possible use of space, many professional organizers suggest getting creative with under-cabinet areas or unused vertical space, such as by installing hooks to hold oven mitts or small gadgets.

Another tip for organizing a kitchen is to utilize new types of storage systems. Even small items, such as drawer dividers, can go a long way toward making the room feel more orderly. In addition, some professionals suggest that the kitchen be divided into two or more activity centers. For example, people who bake regularly may want to dedicate a specific area to storing and using their baking utensils. A final organizational tip is to clean as you go every day. This can help prevent clutter from getting out of control and save time in the end.

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