How do I Choose the Best Flatware Organizer?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Having a way to organize your silverware is important, as this can make it easy to grab a fork, spoon, or knife within seconds. There are several types of organizers for silverware, though, which often makes this decision a little tricky. One of the most important aspects to consider is size, as the flatware organizer typically needs to be small enough to fit into a drawer, but large enough to fit all your silverware. Of course, having a large organizer with just one or two compartments is not likely to keep your flatware very organized, so consider the number of spaces, as well. Finally, try to match the material to the rest of your kitchen, as you can usually choose among wood, metal, and plastic organizers in varying colors.

Before you buy a flatware organizer, decide where it will go in your kitchen. Consider taking measurements of the drawer that you have chosen so that the organizer is sure to fit. Most kitchens have one or two drawers that are larger than the rest, which is where many homeowners place their flatware organizers. This allows you to choose a large product that will fit plenty of silverware. Nevertheless, if your kitchen's drawers are rather small, and you only have limited flatware, a small organizer is likely fine.

While a large flatware organizer might be ideal for storing a lot of silverware, the number of compartments is usually just as important as the product's overall size. For this reason, try to find a flatware organizer that has at least three separate compartments. Of course, most have more than that, allowing you to separate the large silverware from the smaller pieces. Having several compartments may also allow you to place other kitchen tools in the organizer, such as scissors, pizza cutters, and ice cream scoops.

Despite the fact that most flatware organizers are placed in drawers rather than on display, it is still nice for it to match the kitchen. For example, if you have a traditional look in your kitchen, a wooden flatware organizer will likely look nice, while metal or plastic is often best with more modern d├ęcor. Take color into consideration after selecting the material, as there is typically a wide variety of shades to choose from. The most common colors are usually white, clear, and varying shades of brown wood, though you can often find brighter colors, as well.

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