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What are the Best LSAT® Strategies?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

There are two distinct types of LSAT® strategies. Some strategies focus on studying and test preparation, while others center on methods to use while taking the test itself. The selection of LSAT® strategies, thorough studying, and proper use of test-taking methods are all of vital importance.

Study guides and preparation courses offer many LSAT® strategies that could be useful, but trying to utilize too many strategies at once can cause more harm than good because they may offer conflicting advice. Integrating tips from a couple of sources may work well, but trying to incorporate bits and pieces from a large variety of strategies may lead to an inconsistent approach to the questions. Students may do well if they try a few books or a single course to figure out what works best for them.

Students should begin studying months in advance of the LSAT.
Students should begin studying months in advance of the LSAT.

Proper preparation is a significant part of many LSAT® strategies, and many different types of strategies are useful for individual students. Failing to study the basics of each topic could be detrimental, and it is recommended that students begin preparing for the LSAT® months in advance. A person should allot as much preparation time as possible during the pre-exam period.

Taking practice tests is a very useful preparation strategy for the LSAT®. Getting to know what the test looks like, what types of questions are on the test, how much time is available to answer, and what to expect in general are all very helpful. Completing practice tests under exam-day conditions may be beneficial as well.

When taking the actual LSAT® test, students should make sure that they effectively manage their time. Taking too long to answer a single question could result in less or no time to answer other questions. Trying to answer every question is important because wrong answers have no negative effect on LSAT® scores. Even if a student does not know the correct answer, responding to the question with a guess is usually advisable.

General tips used for standardized tests can be incorporated into LSAT® strategies as well. Getting plenty of sleep before the test will be beneficial. Eating an adequate amount of food and drinking plenty of water prior to the examination may improve concentration, but students should be aware that unscheduled bathroom breaks are not allowed. To fight nerves or anxiety, taking deep breaths and thinking positive thoughts may help. It may be a good idea to walk around, get a drink, and eat a quick snack during breaks to keep energy up and reduce stress.

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    • Students should begin studying months in advance of the LSAT.
      By: -Marcus-
      Students should begin studying months in advance of the LSAT.