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How do I Choose the Best LSAT® Online Prep?

Renee Booker
Renee Booker

Which LSAT® online prep option is-chosen may be the difference between accepted into law school or receiving a stack of rejection letters. When deciding which company to use, cost is certainly a factor. Aside from cost, look for a proven track record of success, a money back guarantee, and support both online and by telephone. The breadth of study materials offered is also an important factor when choosing the best LSAT® online prep course.

The LSAT®—Law School Admissions Test—is a highly-specialized test designed to measure an individual's likelihood of success in law school. It does not measure raw intelligence like an IQ test; rather, it measures whether an individual has the type of intelligence needed to become a lawyer. The test is required by all American Bar Association approved law schools within the United States, as well as by most law schools in Canada and Australia.

Woman posing
Woman posing

An LSAT® online prep course can be quite expensive, so cost is a consideration when choosing the best one. When factoring in the cost, however, the quality of the course as well as the quality of the material must be taken into account. If your family is considered to be low-income, look for a course that offers a fee waiver. If approved, the entire course and all materials may be free of cost.

Research the companies' track record. Some companies that offer LSAT® online prep have been in business for many years and have an established reputation and track record. Don't be shy about asking for success rates and other pertinent statistics. Important statistics to consider include: average score of students who completed the course, average number of points of improvement for students, and percentage of students admitted to law school after completing the course.

Consider a company that offers a money-back guarantee; however, always read the fine print. A money-back guarantee can be an indication of the course's success rate, but make sure you understand what the company guarantees. Also, look for a course that offers online and telephone support 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. Students often study when their schedule allows and, if a technical problem arises in the middle of the night, it is crucial to know that someone will be there to help.

A comprehensive LSAT® online prep course will include all the study materials needed to understand the test and practice taking the test. A thorough explanation of all the sections should be included as well as exercises to help improve scores on each section. In addition, plenty of practice tests should be available so that the student can practice taking a complete timed test at frequent intervals to determine his or her overall score.

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