What are Interlocking Paving Stones? (with picture)

C. Daw
C. Daw
Interlocking pavers are generally ideal for use in driveways.
Interlocking pavers are generally ideal for use in driveways.

Interlocking paving stones are a form of exterior flooring that consists of various stones, bricks, or cement pieces, that form a bond to each other, rather than having to lay each stone separately and attach them together with sand, mortar, or any other type of bonding agent. Interlocking stones are more durable and versatile and they can make various patterns and styles that basic stone pavers will not allow. These pavers are used for all types of outdoor applications, from pathways to patios, and can even be made into retaining walls and flower beds. The basic idea behind the invention of interlocking paving stones is to maximize design and style while increasing the usability of the landscaped area.

There are three common types of interlocking paving stones that are in use throughout the world. Concrete pavers, which are designed to mimic natural stones by being made in varying sizes and shapes. Natural paving stones are also available in many different shapes and designs, and brick pavers, which add a touch of old style design to the landscaping theme. The premise behind these three types of paving stones is to appear as natural and original as possible, while allowing them to be linked together in order to make a solid foundation. Whether using concrete, natural stone, or brick, the applications and installation procedures are the same.

Various shapes of interlocking paving stones are manufactured in order to ensure that customer demands are met. Some of the most popular types are circular and irregular. Circular shaped paving stones allow the design of the area to have the appearance of being built in a circular, of half circular, pattern. Irregular shapes, on the other hand, allow the look of the area to appear as if it was naturally formed, such as can be found in a lake or river bed. Many other variations and shapes of paving stones can be found throughout retail and home improvement stores, but the basic application of them all revolve around specific patterns and decorative designs.

Interlocking paving stones are forms of exterior flooring that blend together to appear as if they are one shape. The various patterns and designs available make these pavers a popular way to obtain a strong, durable surface that is not only unique, but that has been shown to increase the overall value of the property. Real estate agents from all over the world increase the selling, or buying, price when landscaping on the property has been done using these specific pavers. The reason for this is that interlocking paving stones are considered to be eye appealing long term investments that require little, if any, maintenance.

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I want to know why there is color variation in grey color interlocking stones.

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    • Interlocking pavers are generally ideal for use in driveways.
      Interlocking pavers are generally ideal for use in driveways.