What are the Different Types of Driveway Paving Stones?

T. L. Childree

There are several different types of driveway paving stones that are durable enough for vehicle traffic. Many shapes, colors, and finishes are available for creating an attractive driveway surface. Travertine driveway paving stones provide the look of natural stone and hold up well to sunlight and temperature extremes. Granite paving stones give a durable, uniform appearance and require very little maintenance. Driveway paving stones made of clay, brick, and concrete can be used to design colorful and interesting patterns on the surface.

Moss growing between cobblestones on a driveway.
Moss growing between cobblestones on a driveway.

Travertine driveway paving stones are cut from natural materials and come available in varying thicknesses. The stones are cut into many natural shapes and are usually thick enough for vehicle use when laid in a mortar base. This paving material resists fading and cracking and can be finished with a special sealer for added protection from the elements. The colors of travertine paving stones usually blend in well with the surrounding landscape for a natural appearance. Travertine pavers are often sold in do-it-yourself kits containing all of the materials needed for a paving project.

Pavers are made of several different materials and are produced in a multitude of sizes.
Pavers are made of several different materials and are produced in a multitude of sizes.

Granite is also a naturally quarried stone that provides a durable driving surface. Pavers made from granite are typically resistant to temperature extremes and long periods of direct sunlight. This material is sold in varying degrees of hardness, and a harder grade is often necessary for driveway use. Granite driveway paving stones are available in shades of white, gray, or black and usually require a mortar base for vehicle use. These pavers are cut in a variety of shapes for creating unique driveway designs.

Clay driveway paving stones can be obtained in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and textures. This material is usually very durable when a sealer is applied to the surface. These pavers are generally thick enough to be installed as a driving surface using only a sand base. Clay paver colors and shapes can often be mixed together to form interesting designs and patterns. The texture of these pavers varies from smooth to rough, and the natural colors usually blend well with surrounding areas.

Brick paving stones may be installed alone or in combination with other paving materials. These pavers are usually laid in a mortar base and provide a long-lasting surface requiring little maintenance. A number of different patterns can be achieved with brick driveway paving stones. Concrete pavers are manufactured in many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. These durable paving stones can be set in a sand base and tinted to almost any color.

Brick paving stones provide a long-lasting surface.
Brick paving stones provide a long-lasting surface.

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