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How Do I Start a Career in Supervisory Management?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands

In order to start a career in supervisory management, it is important to first define the industry you would like to work in. Developing a leadership skill set that will make you suitable for employee management is also important. Finding entry-level work in your desired industry to learn how that industry operates may also provide an avenue for starting a career in supervisory management.

A lot of supervisory management jobs require a post-secondary education. This may include very specialized training in a particular trade, but may also require a college degree. In order to access a supervisory management career, it is therefore important to spend time acquiring the right amount of education.

Working in supervisory management often entails long hours.
Working in supervisory management often entails long hours.

Supervising employees is a large part of a career in supervisory management. In order to effectively supervise others, however, you must have strong leadership skills and be able to delegate responsibilities in a timely and organized fashion. In preparing for this type of career, experts often recommend learning how to perform multiple tasks that will eventually be assigned to employees. Learning how to work as part of a team is also important and, therefore, good communication skills must be built. You must also be able to work with a variety of personalities and gain a reputation for being able to solve issues or problems that others find complex or otherwise struggle to solve.

Gaining employment in the industry you would eventually like to become a supervisor in may also be helpful. Starting in an entry-level position helps you acquire knowledge and experience beyond what you will learn in a strictly educational setting. In addition to using an entry-level position to learn the industry, it is also a worthwhile way of gaining and proving your experience, as most employers only extend supervisor management opportunities to individuals with experience in a given industry. Supervisory management jobs are also often given to people who are currently employed in other positions within a company and have demonstrated that they are worthy of promotion to a supervisory position.

Working in supervisory management often requires long work hours. Not only must you be prepared to manage employees, but supervisors are often responsible for hiring new employees, scheduling employee work hours, preparing reports for upper-level management and attending industry events as an employer’s representative. When planning to enter a career in supervisory management, prepare yourself for the possibility of handling multiple responsibilities while still being able to perform your core duties of supervising others.

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    • Working in supervisory management often entails long hours.
      By: nyul
      Working in supervisory management often entails long hours.