How Do I Choose the Best Financial Management Training?

S. McCumber

The best financial management training is a combination of college study, industry training and experience. A degree in financial management provides a required base of knowledge, but most advanced training is gained through corporate experience, association training and continuing education seminars. This type of training is an ongoing process that will continue throughout a career in financial management.

The typical duties of a financial manager differ, so try to find a training program geared toward your particular interests.
The typical duties of a financial manager differ, so try to find a training program geared toward your particular interests.

Most business colleges and major universities offer a degree in financial management. The types of classes one can expect to take in the course of earning an undergraduate degree in financial management include business law, risk assessment, economics, accounting and marketing. Undergraduate degrees in financial management typically take four years to complete. Post-graduate degrees in a financial management specialty normally take an additional two to four years to complete.

Several organizations in the United States rank college quality and the quality of their programs, such as financial management. Some of these rank both undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States and at universities around the world. Others regularly publish guides to the best colleges in the United States. These and other methods can help a person choose the best school for financial management training.

Depending on the branch of financial management in which one chooses to specialize, many corporations offer financial management training specific to their product line or industry. This training may come in the form of seminars or classes, though there also are many mentor and trainee programs. Those desiring a career in the field often seek employment at companies that provide this type of financial management training to its employees.

Many employers consider the best financial management training to be on-the-job experience. A minimum of five years of experience in a financial management department is often required to become a financial manager. Aspiring financial managers can obtain entry-level jobs that provide additional training for management positions.

Financial managers often manage other people or teams of people. Good financial management training includes time spent in a supervisory or management role. Companies often look for experience managing others when they hire financial managers. Any opportunity to work in a supervisory capacity can be considered part of financial management training.

Financial managers are tasked with making financial decisions for organizations or individual portfolios, so most candidates look for entry-level jobs that provide some responsibility in this capacity. Success in and ever-increasing responsibility for making this type of decision are looked for by most employers seeking financial managers. Gaining experience at a company that provides this type of real-world financial management training is an important aspect of becoming a financial manager.

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