How Do I Score Well on the Special Education Praxis™?

T. Broderick
T. Broderick
Woman standing behind a stack of books
Woman standing behind a stack of books

In order to score well on the special education Praxis™, you need to follow a study plan. The first step is to learn the requirements and structure of your upcoming test(s). Once you know what to expect on the special education Praxis™, you can begin studying content knowledge; many resources are available from online retailers and the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the makers of the Praxis™ series of exams. No matter which materials you choose for your self study-program, taking practice tests is always an essential component.

The special education Praxis™ is a collection of six exams that focuses on different aspects of special education. Checking the ETS website will allow you to see which exams are necessary for teacher certification in your state. This information should also display the minimum passing score your state requires in order to become a special education teacher. While on the ETS website, you should consult the document titled "Test at a Glance." This document, written for all exams ETS writes, allows you to see the structure of each test and a specific list of topics the test covers.

Understanding the structure of the test, you can begin studying the necessary content knowledge. For most of its exams, ETS sells study materials ranging from practice tests to study guides. If you want to shop around for study materials, other test preparation companies make similar study guides. Checking online reviews of these study guides is a good way to judge which is the best for your needs.

Depending on the popularity of your upcoming test(s), free study materials for the special education Praxis™ may exist online. These documents, created by teacher preparation colleges and other educational organizations, cover most if not all of the same material found within the study guides described in the previous paragraph. If you decide to go this route, use a variety of online sources; a single source may not include all the information you need to pass the special education Praxis™.

Whether you use physical or online study guides, practice tests are an essential part of any self-study plan. Besides allowing you to see your gains in retaining content knowledge, your test taking and time management skills will benefit as well. As many years may have passed since you took a standardized test, practicing the test multiple times gives you an advantage over other test takers who may have not prepared so thoroughly.

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    • Woman standing behind a stack of books
      Woman standing behind a stack of books