How Do I Score Well on the Health Praxis™?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson
Practice tests are a good way to prepare for the Health Praxis.
Practice tests are a good way to prepare for the Health Praxis.

The Praxis™ is a proficiency exam taken by many aspiring public school teachers in the United States. Prior to entering an education program, an individual takes the Praxis™ I, which tests general knowledge. Students take the Praxis™ II before they can begin classroom training. The Health Praxis™ is a Praxis™ II exam that tests an individual's knowledge of subjects such as health pedagogy and disease prevention and is completed by aspiring health teachers. To score well on the Health Praxis™, it can be helpful to take practice tests and choose resources that match your preferred learning style.

Practice exams are some of the most valuable resources for individuals who are preparing to take the Health Praxis™. These tests often are available for free online. They are also included in study guides. Many students choose to purchase software that includes practice exams that are automatically scored.

One benefit of a practice exam is that it can introduce you to the structure of a test. By knowing what to expect, you can reduce test anxiety. Many experts believe that an individual's score increases each time he or she sits for an exam. This means that by taking several practice tests, you have the opportunity to earn a higher score on the actual exam. You also can use a practice Health Praxis™ test to learn in which areas you need to focus your attention.

An individual who learns that he or she is not comfortable with questions regarding community health advocacy can choose to spend more time researching this subject. Others may feel that they can benefit most from general overviews. In both cases, aspiring health teachers have a wide range of resources from which to choose.

Health education students who prefer affordable study materials that they can carry around may purchase study books. These guides often include practice tests and passages that explain how answers are determined. Many books come with CD-ROMs that students can use to access tutorials on their computers.

Test takers who prefer to learn with others can form study groups. These groups often consist of classmates from health education courses. Members of a group can test one another and share techniques for memorizing information.

Some people preparing for the Health Praxis™ may choose to hire tutors. In these cases, students meet with individual educators who are familiar with the exam. Some tutors may not have backgrounds in health education, but may be experts in test taking strategies.

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    • Practice tests are a good way to prepare for the Health Praxis.
      By: gstockstudio
      Practice tests are a good way to prepare for the Health Praxis.