How Do I Score Well on the Business Praxis™?

Angela Farrer
Angela Farrer
Create a study schedule to avoid cramming and sleeplessness.
Create a study schedule to avoid cramming and sleeplessness.

To score well on the business PRAXIS™ exam, you need to be thoroughly familiar with each of the academic topics covered within it. The business PRAXIS™ is a required teacher content test for aspiring educators who have goals of teaching business courses in high school settings. Topics covered on this exam include basic office procedures, money management, accounting concepts, marketing, and applications of information technology to the business environment.

As a business education major in college, you are typically required to take a series of courses in business fundamentals in addition to teacher training courses. Textbooks, graded assignments, exams, and projects from each of your core business courses can be excellent resources for reviewing the same material that will appear on the PRAXIS™ test. The money management questions on this exam usually cover topics from a business mathematics course. The questions concerning ethics and policies may review what you studied in a business law class. The same often holds true for the rest of the material on this PRAXIS™ content area assessment.

Material on some American teacher certification exams can also include questions on government and economic practices; the business PRAXIS™ is one example. To score well in this area of the exam, you should regularly review topics such as free enterprise, taxation, and banking regulations. This material is often covered in introductory economics courses.

Organizing study materials is a fundamental part of preparing well for the business PRAXIS™ test. Even if you are not required to take courses in all business areas covered on the exam, taking an elective course in computer office software or interpersonal communication can make a significant difference in your score. It is also a good idea to take a list of the exam topics to your college library and look for quality beginner textbooks in subject areas where you feel you need additional review.

Time management is an additional component to good business PRAXIS™ preparation. Select a test date that gives you plenty of time to review each topic over a course of several weeks or even months if necessary. Creating a study schedule that sets aside a few hours at a time to study is one of the best ways to prevent procrastination and cramming. Arrange your schedule so that you are able to review the material when you feel alert and rested. The night before the exam, be sure to get a good night's sleep as well.

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    • Create a study schedule to avoid cramming and sleeplessness.
      By: Elenathewise
      Create a study schedule to avoid cramming and sleeplessness.