How Do I Prepare for a Business Communication Test?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Highlighting passages for later review can assist with exam preparation.
Highlighting passages for later review can assist with exam preparation.

Preparing for a business communication test should be ongoing rather than "cramming" for it in a few days. If you study regularly by making and learning the corrections on class quizzes as well as your assignments, this can keep you prepared without having to add undue pressure or stress. Review all areas of your course as a thorough method of study. Make sure your spelling, grammar and punctuation are well-developed, as these are crucial achievements in business communication.

Spending some time reading well-written business websites, articles and brochures can help you improve your communication skills. Remember to apply what you observe to the lesson material you've learned in your business communication class. You should always focus on the certain business techniques taught internally in your classes, while applying appropriate external information to improve your own outlook and understanding of workplace or marketing communication. Being able to speak and write ideas clearly without excess jargon or filler words is often a good way to prepare for any type of business communication test.

If you study regularly by reviewing class materials and are able to explain the main concepts clearly, this can give you a great knowledge base for test preparation. A great study tip is to reread your class textbooks by reading the sentences in a question format and familiarizing yourself with the answers. You could even make question or "flash" cards to study alone or with colleagues taking the same business communication test. The textbook method of studying is detailed, yet provides a good, thorough way of test preparation. Remember to include practice tests or class assignment corrections in your study sessions to be sure you cover all test-related material.

Be sure to get the correct answers to questions you answered incorrectly on any previous tests, quizzes and assignments. These corrections can keep you from repeating your mistakes as you prepare for your business communication test. As you make the corrections, try to understand why the correct answer makes sense rather than simply noting it. You may find that doing this will expand your thinking skills and help you connect different pieces of course information together in a more coherent way.

Attending any group study sessions offered by your business communication instructor can be an effective method for preparing for the test. Since the instructor will know at least the basics of the business communication test, such as the style of the questions and the main concepts covered, the extra study sessions can help guide you in your study. Another advantage of this type of test preparation is that questions asked by other students in the class that are answered by the instructor may also give you helpful information for your own benefit.

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    • Highlighting passages for later review can assist with exam preparation.
      By: Odua Images
      Highlighting passages for later review can assist with exam preparation.