What Are the Best Ways to Study for the Praxis™?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson
Practice tests may help teachers pass the Praxis™ examination.
Practice tests may help teachers pass the Praxis™ examination.

The Praxis™ is a proficiency exam that aspiring teachers must take in order to teach in many areas of the United States. There are three different levels of this test: Praxis™ I, Praxis™ II, and Praxis™ III. The first is taken before an individual is admitted into a college education program, the second before an individual can work as a student teacher, and the third during the first professional year. The ways to study for the Praxis™ first include an introduction to the exam. Next, it can be helpful if an individual chooses helpful learning resources with which they feel comfortable.

A great way to begin to study for the Praxis™ is to access a practice test for the version of the Praxis™ that you need to take. While the first is a general exam taken by all aspiring education students, the second and third tests are dependent on the concentrations of the test takers, so it is important to make sure that you are looking at the right materials. Practice tests can normally be accessed online or in Praxis™ prep books.

Practice tests for the Praxis™ serve two main purposes. On the one hand, this kind of test can give you a clear understanding of how the test is organized and which kinds of questions you can expect. This can make taking the test much less stressful, increasing your chances of passing.

Higher scores on the real Praxis™ are often earned by students who have used practice tests, making them an effective way to study for the Praxis™. Many testing experts believe that an individual's score increases with each taking of an exam. An education student who takes several practice exams can be more likely to achieve a higher score than one who has only taken one practice exam.

One you take a practice test, the next step should be to determine in which areas you should put the most focus. Two of the most common resources used to study for the Praxis™ are books and software. Which one you choose should depend on which format you feel most comfortable using.

Students who prefer books may enjoy the fact that they are portable and can be utilized in a number of different scenarios. Books can also be considerably less expensive than practice software. Others who prefer software may enjoy the interactive features of computer tutorials. It is common for students who study for the Praxis™ to use both formats, especially since many books come with CD-ROMs that contain software.

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    • Practice tests may help teachers pass the Praxis™ examination.
      By: Africa Studio
      Practice tests may help teachers pass the Praxis™ examination.