How Do I Score Well on the Science Praxis™?

T. Broderick
T. Broderick
Praxis tests have multiple choice questions.
Praxis tests have multiple choice questions.

Scoring well on a science Praxis™ test depends solely on proper preparation. Immediately after registering for a test, you must create a study plan that considers both the amount of time you have before the test and your strengths and weakness with the content knowledge. After that, studying the content knowledge of your upcoming test is the key to scoring well. Taking practice tests will help you gauge your progress and reinforce your test taking skills.

Many science Praxis™ tests are available. As of 2011, a single test exists for middle school science that incorporates both multiple choice and short essay questions. Teaching the following high school subjects requires passage of separate multiple choice and essay tests: biology, chemistry, earth and space science, general science and physics. Scoring well on any of these science Praxis™ tests requires you to know the basic structure of each test, including the number of questions, sub-topics covered and test length. Fortunately for test takers, the maker of the Praxis™ series, the Educational Testing Service (ETS), provides an informational "Test at a Glance" document for all of its tests; these documents are easily accessible on the ETS website.

After learning about the science Praxis™ test(s) you are going to take, you must consider the amount of time you have to study before test day. If you have other obligations such as a full-time job, no less than eight weeks is recommended. If you can dedicate the majority of your time to test preparation, four weeks should suffice. No matter the amount of time you have, taking a practice test should be your first step. The results of this test will allow you to focus on your weaknesses in both content knowledge and test taking skills.

Knowing what content knowledge and test taking skills you need to focus on, your studying can begin in earnest. Depending on the number of people who have already taken your upcoming test(s), free resources may exist online to help you study. These resources include PowerPoint presentations and online textbooks. If it is difficult for you to find study materials directly related to your Praxis™ test, study resources intended for high school students taking Advanced Placement tests, as they cover much of the same material.

As you continue studying for your upcoming science Praxis™ test(s), it is important to take practice tests at regular intervals. Doing so will allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your self-study program. Also, your test taking and time management skills will improve after taking multiple practice tests. The latter is especially important when answering essay questions.

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    • Praxis tests have multiple choice questions.
      By: uwimages
      Praxis tests have multiple choice questions.