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How do I Find the Best Grant Writing Programs?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

There are four ways to find the best grant writing programs: recommendations, online research, submission reviews and trial memberships. Grant writing programs are either a service or software used to help create grant submissions. Grants are set up by governments or charities to provide money for specific projects. The money is given to the applicant with the grant proposal that meets the project goals. In order to request consideration for a grant, a formal, written submission is usually required.

There are grants for a wide range of subjects, ranging from the arts to historical building restorations. For charitable organizations, the grant management process is used to determine who will receive donated funds to further their work. Typically, each organization will create several grants per year and each grant has a specific dollar value and purpose.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

All interested application can submit a request to the charity for the grant. The submission requirements vary, depending on the nature of the project, but all require a written summary of the project plan, business case and a biography of the requester. Based on this information, the charity creates a short list of projects that meet its requirements. A granting committee is formed to review the applications and select a suitable project.

Grant writing programs can be provided as computer software. This software is a document management system, designed to organize written materials through multiple versions. Many grant submission requirements have multiple sections and require detained information, sources, reference letters and other documents. Using a grant writing software tool can be very useful if you are submitting multiple requests per year.

Grant writing services provide skilled writers who review a grant submission to edit and improve the document before it is submitted. The writer may create new documents, compile the necessary supporting documents, or simply edit the draft. The level of service and time line varies, depending on the cost and preparation work already completed.

The fastest way to find good grant writing programs is to talk to other people who are regularly submitting requests for grants. University professors, research laboratory managers, artists and local community organizations are all great contacts. In their roles, all of these people are required to find suitable grants and submit written grant requests on a regular basis.

Use the Internet to search for firms who specialize in a particular type of grant submissions. Take the time to thoroughly investigate these services to ensure that they are able to provide the quality required. Find out about the prices, guarantees of quality and confidentiality.

Many granting agencies will publish the successful request submission when announcing the recipient. Read the document carefully and identify what program, if any was used to create it. After selecting grant writing programs for review, arrange for a trial membership to the service or access to the software. Complete one grant application with both tools and evaluate the experience. Decide which method works best for you and make sure that the quality provided meets your expectations.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip