What Are the Different Types of Authoring Software?

D. Nelson

Some of the most common types of authoring software are programs for creative writers, programs professionals who wish to create and organize business documents, and programs for educators. In most cases, this software can be purchased and installed onto a user's computer. Some kinds of authoring software, however, can be accessed online for free or for a fee. Authoring software can range from basic programs that help users to organize their thoughts and research to more complex software that might include assessments and the ability to add multimedia components.

Business professionals can benefit from some types of authoring software.
Business professionals can benefit from some types of authoring software.

Aspiring creative writers may use this kind of software to help them map, structure, and format their work. A playwright, for example, might benefit from software that provides him or her with templates and guidelines for writing plays. Novelists, on the other hand, can use authoring software that allows them to take notes and makes it easier to move passages to other parts of a manuscript.

Business professionals also can benefit from some types of authoring software. In this context, programs can allow users to organize assignments based on deadlines and levels of importance. This software might also allow them to organize their thoughts based on research data and arguments that they are trying to make.

Individuals who are interested in writing articles for websites, magazines, and other kinds of periodicals can use authoring software that provides them with basic templates and guidelines. These programs might help them to organize sentences and paragraphs in a logical manner. It also might include features that enable them to track their submissions and publications.

Writing instructors can use authoring software in their classrooms. Some educators find that these programs provide guidance for their students when it comes to writing concise, logical, and clear works. Some educational software might also include assessments that test students' understanding of key writing concepts.

Users can purchase some types of software that they can install on their computers. Individuals who are interested in this kind of software often take advantage of free demonstrations to gain firsthand knowledge about features offered by various kinds of software. Prices of this kind of software vary depending on factors such as the complexity of software and retailers that sell software.

In some cases, consumers might be able to access authoring software online. This kind of software ranges from free tutorials that offer basic authoring guidelines to more complex software that can be accessed for a usage fee. Individuals who favor this model often are unready to commit to a particular product.

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