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How do I Choose the Best Walker Basket?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Many people who use a mobility walker find having a basket attached to be quite convenient since it allows them to carry personal belongings and groceries. In choosing a walker basket, you should consider your options. Begin by deciding what size of walker basket is required, as some are much larger than others. You can also choose one with extra features, such as an attached tray. If you want to save money on this accessory, you can even make a walker basket using just a few materials.

Most walker baskets are quite simple, as they are often made of wire and feature one large area to place grocery bags, purses, and other belongings. This kind of walker basket can be installed behind the walker for easy access, or in front of it so that it does not impede movement. It typically snaps onto the walker so that it can be attached and removed easily, and many are rust-resistant so that they are safe to use outside, even when the weather is damp. When selecting a wire walker basket, be sure to find one that is the right width for your walker. Also, if you plan to place small items in it, look for one with smaller spaces between the wires, or extra compartments so that items like cell phones and keys do not slip out and can easily be reached.

A walker basket enables users to carry items like groceries.
A walker basket enables users to carry items like groceries.

Some walker baskets come with plastic trays with smaller compartments. This kind of basket is helpful if you cannot find one that will allow you to put small items in it without falling out. Some trays feature one small compartment, while others feature moldings that are the perfect size for medication bottles, change, or beverages. If you tend to carry these kinds of items with you often, and want a place that is just right for storing them, consider a walker basket with a tray.

If you cannot find the perfect basket for your situation, you should consider making your own. You can choose your own wire or woven basket, making sure it is shorter than your walker, and use ribbon and a yarn needle to thread the basket against the bar of your walker. As long as you tie the basket tightly against either the front or back bar of the walker, and secure it against the side bars as well, it should stay securely fastened. Aside from saving money, one advantage of going this route is that you can add decorations if desired, particularly if you decide to use a woven basket.

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    • A walker basket enables users to carry items like groceries.
      By: Robert Hoetink
      A walker basket enables users to carry items like groceries.