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What are the Different Kinds of Walker Accessories?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

There are various accessories available for walkers, which can make them more useful and more comfortable. Many walker accessories are made for comfort and convenience. For example, trays that fit walkers are great for putting down food, drinks, and papers, either while walking or when stationary. A basket is also perfect for storing items, adding the ability to shop when using a walker, while handle covers focus on superior grip and comfort for the hands.

Some walker trays are basic platforms, while others include moldings that are meant to hold certain objects, making it easy to walk around with items on the tray. Moldings are usually the perfect size for cups, making the tray perfect for mealtime. Some also include moldings that fit pens or pencils perfectly, which means that paperwork can easily be done using the tray. Most walker accessories like this are either removable or flip down easily when they are not needed. For those who do not need an entire tray on their walker, it should be noted that beverage holders, cell phone holders, and even cane and oxygen tank holders are also sold on their own.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Those who need to carry items with them may be pleased to know that there are walker accessories that make this easier. A basket that attaches to the front or back of the walker is helpful when running errands, such as going to the store. This kind of accessory is typically easily removable, and comes in a few different sizes. For those who wish to keep their belongings hidden, a backpack is a similar accessory that can be attached to the walker in order to transport items while walking. Backpacks range from simple one-pocket bags to heavy duty bags with various pockets and pouches to help stay organized.

Frequent users of a mobility walker will likely be pleased with walker accessories built to increase both their grip and their comfort, such as handle covers. These are soft pads that are often filled with gel, and they are meant to help comfortably grip the walker. Some are even made to help heal sores on the hands, while others are made of material that can wick away moisture so that the hands stay dry and do not slide around. Those seeking walker accessories that purely exist for comfort will be pleased with handle covers made of fleece or terry cloth, which help cushion the hands while using the walker.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book