How do I Choose the Best Four Wheel Walker?

Erin J. Hill

To choose the best four wheel walker, you should first speak with your doctor or therapist to discuss the mobility options that are right for you. If it is determined that a four wheel walker is the best option, then you can begin by visiting either a local or online medical supply store or professional pharmacy. Speak with sales staff about the function and cost of various options. You can also speak with a medical professional about items that have worked well for previous patients.

A four wheel walker.
A four wheel walker.

One way to find the right four wheel walker is to browse online and find models that are within your price range. Options should be sturdily made with a wide base and handle that is at the right height for your comfort. Models may differ in this aspect to suit patients of various heights, so you should be sure to check exact dimensions and measurements. Once this is done, you can read through customer reviews for many items to see the experiences others have had with a particular product.

A walker with wheels doesn't require the user to raise it off the ground with every step.
A walker with wheels doesn't require the user to raise it off the ground with every step.

If you are still in doubt, visit a local medical supply store and ask to look at the four wheel walker selection. You should be able to browse through and pick items you like and then try them out in the store so you get a good idea of how they will work for you. Ask the sales staff any questions you may have and discuss prices for the various models.

Your insurance company may dictate which four wheel walker you can purchase if you want the cost to be covered by your policy. If this is the case, talk to a representative at the company to find out the makes and models you have to choose from. Normally there will be several options and you may be able to try them out before you make a purchase. You may also be able to return the item if it does not meet your needs the way you’d hoped.

Do not purchase a four wheel walker without instructions to do so from your doctor if you are recovering from a severe injury or have an illness which leads to weakness in the legs, dizziness, or other symptoms which may make you prone to falls. Other designs may be more suited for you if you cannot put much weight on your legs. These include a four leg model or two wheel design.

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