How Do I Choose the Best Trundle Bed Bedding?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Trundle beds offer a space-efficient option for sleeping arrangements, often used if two or more siblings share a room or if there are frequent overnight guests, but not enough space for a dedicated guest bedroom. The best trundle bed bedding will fit your trundle bed, be comfortable, and match the surrounding decor. You can find trundle bed bedding at linen stores, online, and through catalogs.

In order to find the best trundle bed bedding for your needs, determine the size of your trundle bed. There are child sized, twin, and double or full trundle beds. Trundle beds do not typically come in queen or king sizes. Although most trundle mattresses are not thick, you should check yours. If it is deep, you will need bedding that can accommodate its size.

Next, consider the space between the top of the trundle mattress and the bottom of the traditional bed. In some cases, there are several inches, and in others, there is barely enough space to allow the trundle to slide underneath the bed. This space will determine the thickness of trundle bed bedding. You may find that the trundle bed can be dressed with sheets but not a blanket while stowed, so extra blankets must be stored in the room to provide adequate bedding for the trundle.

Take the surrounding room decor into account, including the bedding on the regular bed and the overall theme of the space. Make a note of what colors or style designs you prefer. If the trundle bed is used infrequently, neutral colored bedding may be appropriate.

Alternatively, if the trundle bed is used regularly by one of two or more siblings who share a room, take the child's preferences into consideration. Some children may feel the need to express their individuality through the choice of bedding and will want something entirely different from the surrounding decor. Work with your children in order to make a harmonious decision for all involved.

Finally, decide on your budget. There is no need to purchase specially made or expensive trundle bed bedding, unless the bed is an unusual size, so you can purchase regular sheets at whatever price meets your budget. Remember to choose the highest thread count you can afford, preferably between 300 and 500 threads per inch, since this affects the softness of the sheet.

It is best to look at bedding in person so that you can inspect it for quality and match its design and colors to your decor. Even so, if you cannot find what you need in stores, shop online or through catalogs with retailers that have a good return policy. If possible, order through a company that offers free shipping and free returns, just in case the bedding does not suit your needs. Also check to see whether the store charges a restocking fee, which is deducted from the total amount of your refund if it applied to your order.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book