What Is a Popup Trundle Bed?

Cynde Gregory
Cynde Gregory
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

As anyone living in too little space knows, beds take up a lot of room. A traditional trundle bed is a bed frame and mattress on wheels that can be slid beneath a standard single bed frame for easy storage. The beauty of the trundle bed is not only its space-saving abilities but the fact that the bed, complete with mattress, linens, and blankets, can be made available simply by pulling it out. A popup trundle bed is an improvement with a built-in hinge that allows the trundle bed to be brought to the same height as the bed beneath which it was hidden.

Trundle beds offer convenience to families with children who share a bedroom. At bedtime, the trundle is simply rolled out. It can be left in the low position and set beside the original bed or rolled to a more private spot if the child prefers and the room allows.

A popup trundle bed offers added convenience for both couples or for visiting adults. This version means a single bed can almost magically transform into the equivalent of a queen-size bed. The popup mechanism locks firmly into place, connecting the two mattresses into a single surface. While a popup trundle, like its nonpopup cousin, can be made with sheets and blankets before storage, some adults prefer covering both mattresses with a single set of sheets and blankets.

For even greater space-saving options, a popup bed that is also a day bed is a popular model. This type of popup trundle bed means that, when the trundle is stored, the remaining bed acts as a couch. The frame encloses it on three sides, and both bed and decorative pillows tossed along the back and sides of the mattress allow for comfortable sitting.

Another variation of the popular trundle bed is the trundle bunk bed. This version stacks two single beds, but the one on the bottom is set onto casters to allow it to easily slide out. Many trundle bunk beds are cleverly designed with built-in desk centers. When the bed is in place, the folded desk surface acts as a headboard, and a low bookcase becomes a side table. Rolling the trundle bed out allows the user to open the hinged desk surface and swing out a supporting leg.

It’s important for both beds in a popup trundle bed set to have good mattresses because neither has the space for a box spring. A well-made, thick mattress offers a firm sleep surface. Even without box springs, trundle beds are far more comfortable that many fold-out couch beds.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book