What are Trundle Beds?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Trundle beds are devices that provide sleeping space for two people without taking up the room of a conventional bed. The construction of a bed with trundle capability involves the placement of a slightly smaller platform under the top platform of the bed. Mattresses are placed on each of the platforms, with the smaller mattress and platform sliding easily under the main frame of the bed.

Woman posing
Woman posing

The main advantage of using a trundle bed is that the device requires much less space in a room than a more conventional bed. When there is not a need for additional sleeping room, the lower bed is retracted and thus out of the way. The bed is a popular option in children’s rooms, because it allows for maximum play area during the day, but can still easily provide two children with their own beds at night.

A slightly different design for the trundle bed calls for the bottom platform to pull out and up to a point that is level with the upper platform. With this design, the underlying platform is usually equipped with retractable legs that help to provide more stability to the bed frame. This creates a larger single bed surface that is ideal for overnight guests who prefer to sleep together.

In both designs for the trundle bed, box springs are usually not included in the overall design. The mattresses tend to be light and easy to transport when necessary. Specially designed coverlets can be used to create a trundle day bed look when the device is used in an efficiency apartment, while kids trundle beds can be equipped with colorful mattress covers that sport cartoon characters and other images that appeal to young children.

While the typical trundle bed was once made of wood, there are now several different options. Many beds with trundle sections are constructed with lightweight but durable metal frames. The metal is often coated with a strong enamel, making it very easy to keep the bed frame clean and fresh. The metal designs are often practical and fun for children’s rooms, while the more traditional wooden varieties are more likely to be placed in a spare room or den as a means of providing sleeping space for overnight guests.

Prices for different types of trundle bed designs will vary, based on the materials used and the size of the platforms. It is possible to purchase antique trundle beds as well as new beds that sport a contemporary design. While many of the beds are delivered completely assembled, it is possible to purchase the beds in easy to assemble kits.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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