How Do I Choose the Best Platform Day Bed?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Some platform beds feature pull-out storage drawers.
Some platform beds feature pull-out storage drawers.

Platform beds are sleeping surfaces that feature a mattress set in a frame, with no box spring in between. A platform day bed is similar, but day beds can also be used as sitting surfaces when the bed is not being used as a sleeping surface. Choosing the best one for your home or apartment starts with determining what size of platform day bed you will need, as well as how and where you intend to use it. Most day beds feature a twin size mattress, though some may feature full size mattresses or even larger ones that can fold up when not in use as a sleeping surface.

Once you have determined your space limitations, consider what types of materials you want your platform day bed to be made from, as well as how much you have to spend on the unit. Wood frames are very common; hardwoods are best because they are durable and attractive, but these will tend to be the most expensive options. Softwoods are less expensive but less durable. Metal frames made from steel or aluminum will be affordable and strong, but they may or may not be the most attractive options. Consider the current decor of the room when determining which style of platform day bed is best for you.

Generally, a platform day bed will sit lower to the ground than other types of day beds because of the absence of a box spring. Some models, however, will feature an elevated platform so storage space is available underneath the frame. This opens up the possibility for storage drawers or even for a trundle bed, which is a second mattress that stores under the first; it can be pulled out and popped up when needed to provide extra sleeping surface. Consider this option if you intend to accommodate guests on the platform day bed, or if you need added storage in a smaller room.

It is best to try out a platform day bed before purchasing. This will allow you to determine if it is comfortable and functional, and it will also allow you to test the unit for durability and stability. Try to avoid weaker materials such as particle board; while such materials are quite inexpensive, they tend to be unattractive and very weak. A particle board day bed will likely undergo damage within the first couple of years of use, necessitating repair or replacement.

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    • Some platform beds feature pull-out storage drawers.
      By: mariesacha
      Some platform beds feature pull-out storage drawers.