How do I Choose the Best Tall Women's Jeans?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
Most tall women look good in skinny jeans.
Most tall women look good in skinny jeans.

Choosing the best tall women's jeans is typically a matter of considering your body type, the way your jeans fit, as well as their price. Other considerations include brand preferences as well as whether the jeans are easily altered to fit you properly. It is important to keep in mind that not all clothing companies use uniform sizing in the development of their clothing lines. As tall women's jeans may be considered a special sizing segment, you may have to try out several pairs of jeans before you find a pair that not only meets your length requirements, but also fits you well.

Getting a good fit in tall women's jeans typically requires an actual visit to a store so that you can try on the jeans that you plan to buy. Be sure to find out ahead of time whether a store has a good selection of tall women's jeans. You should also wear, or bring with you, the shoes or boots that you plan to wear with your jeans so you can make sure that you choose jeans that are the correct length. You may want to select several styles and brands to take with you into the dressing room in order to get an idea of how the jeans look and feel.

Take your time trying on the jeans and be sure to check yourself out in the store mirror from all angles. If the jeans are too long but fit you well otherwise, ask if the store can hem them for you. Alternatively, you may wish to seek out the services of a seamstress or tailor outside the store. Pay attention to how comfortable the jeans are. While the denim will eventually soften after repeated wearing and washing, if the jeans pinch or feel uncomfortable, don't buy them.

Resist the urge to buy your tall women's jeans online without first trying out a pair in a store. Sizing charts can be deceptive, and sizes are not always consistent between brands and even different styles within a specific brand's offerings. Once you do find a brand and style of jeans that you like, ordering online or through a catalog can be a good option, particularly because you may find that tall women's jeans enjoy greater availability through mail-order sources. Many online retailers also provide regular sales and coupon offers that can let you get your jeans at a discount and may offer better regular pricing than brick and mortar stores.

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    • Most tall women look good in skinny jeans.
      By: charlesknoxphoto
      Most tall women look good in skinny jeans.