How do I Choose the Best Plus-Size Jeans?

Marlene de Wilde
Marlene de Wilde
Women who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.
Women who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.

Plus-size jeans come in many styles and sizes so whatever your shape, you are spoiled for choice. A darker color denim is preferable as it is more slimming than lighter colors, and boot cut or slight flares seem to be the best options for most bigger people. Baggy, ill-fitting jeans do not flatter anyone but are even bigger fashion mistakes for plus-sizes, as are jeans that are too tight. Stretch denim ensures comfort and ease of fit whether the occasion calls for casual or formal jeans.

Mid- to high-rise jeans are the better bet for plus-size jeans as they can make the stomach look flatter. Low-cut jeans do not look great unless your stomach is trim and taut, so this style is best avoided for the plus-size categories. For those who wish to make their legs look longer, creating a continuous line from hip to foot can be achieved by a dark, boot cut or flared pair of jeans. The longer the hem, the longer the leg will look. This will also have the effect of making the thighs look slimmer and the butt smaller.

Another tip for minimizing the butt is to choose a pair of plus-size jeans with extra-large pockets on the rear. Flaps, buttons and other details on the pockets are not a good idea as they add volume. A common problem with jeans for larger women in particular is the gaping waistband that is the result of jeans fitting around the hips but not necessarily the waist. A thicker, higher waistband may be the solution to this problem, as in an elasticized style. This is not usually a problem for men as they tend not to have big hips, instead carrying any extra weight around their middle.

There are many different body shapes, and getting a pair of plus-size jeans to fit any figure comes down to understanding how to create visual illusions while maintaining comfort. Trying on different styles, cuts, colors and shapes is the best way to find a pair that fits and flatters. Manufacturers understand that the plus-size market is one worth catering to, and it is no longer the case that bigger people have to wear baggy unflattering clothes.

There are a wide range of designer plus-size jeans as well as cheaper chain store and boutique options, which can be just as good. Custom tailored jeans are another option if you are not happy with anything off the rack, although this will usually be more expensive. The advantage is that the jeans will fit perfectly. Finding a pair of comfortable flattering plus-size jeans is no longer a chore but simply a matter of shopping around.

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@MrsPramm - I don't really have a favorite cut, to be honest. I just go into the store and try on a whole bunch of pairs until I find the one that looks the best and seems like it's going to wear well.

I just wish that plus sized retailers would do more to prevent jeans from wearing out in the thigh when you get them though. I seem to go through jeans way faster than my skinnier friends, because they give out there when the material wears through.


@croydon - Honestly, I prefer to wear skinny jeans. They used to make me feel bad when I'd try them in the store because they wouldn't fit at the size I thought they should fit and that would depress me. I could struggle into other jeans, but not the skinny ones.

Then I just tried the next few sizes up until I found some that did fit me. And when they fit well, they look just fine. In fact, on some body types, with a tunic top, they can be very slimming.

I think we just have to get over the idea that the number on the tag means anything about us. It's there to help us find the right pair, not to make us feel bad about ourselves. And finding stylish plus size jeans are one of the things that really cheers me up, so I'm going to take them no matter what number is on the tag.


I've found that boot cut is the most flattering kind of plus size jeans (at least for me) and that a darker blue denim works the best. I'm pretty tall as well, so I always make sure that they have a bit of extra length to the leg or fabric to let out, since it just makes them look cheap if they don't cover the shoe when you're wearing them.

A flare cut can be good, but it's not quite as versatile and I would avoid skinny jeans at all costs. They'll just make you feel bad about yourself.

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    • Women who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.
      By: Hugo Félix
      Women who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.