How do I Choose the Best Plus-Size Maternity Jeans?

Susan Grindstaff

When choosing plus-size maternity jeans, you should first determine if the jeans will fit throughout your pregnancy and decide if that is important to you. If you do not mind the added expense of buying multiple pairs of jeans that fit various stages of your pregnancy, then you can simply shop for plus-size maternity jeans as you need them. Most women, however, prefer to buy jeans that will fit all the way through their pregnancy, and if that is your preference, you should buy jeans that have extra room in the both the thighs and hips. Most all maternity jeans come with a stretch panel in the abdomen, and in many cases, this panel will stretch to accommodate the girth of the stomach all the way though your pregnancy.

Women who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.
Women who wear plus size clothing may find a greater selection online or through catalogs.

In addition to providing extra looseness in the thighs and hips, it may be a good idea to purchase plus-size maternity jeans constructed of denim that is a blend of spandex and cotton. Unlike 100% cotton, jeans blended with spandex offer additional stretch. Lycra is another synthetic fiber often blended with cotton to make a denim fabric that offers some elasticity. If the jeans you purchase are constructed using either of these blends, you may be able to allow for less fullness in the thighs and hips.

Although you may be able to find some good deals on plus-size maternity jeans by shopping online, you will not be able to try them on before making your purchase. With maternity wear, it is very important to be able to try on the clothing before making your selection. You should do more than simply step into the jeans; you should try various body positions to see if they maintain their comfort. Try positions such as bending over and squatting, and pay close attention to whether the jeans are pulling or constricting any part of your body. Check to be sure the jeans have reinforced seams, especially in the buttocks and crotch, as these areas will receive the most stress from body movements.

If fashion trends are important to you, most shops carry plus-size maternity jeans that reflect current styles, but for the widest selection, you should probably try shops that specialize in maternity wear. Unlike large department stores that may carry only a few designs and colors, these specialty shops usually offer several different styles, colors, and sizes from a variety of manufacturers. If you do plan to purchase your maternity wear at a specialty shop, you should be prepared to spend more money, as they are usually more expensive than department stores.

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