What Are the Best Tips for Choosing Short Jeans?

S. Gonzales

Choosing short jeans doesn't have to be a difficult task. The decision can be largely based on preference, but there are some types of short jeans that can complement specific body types. The best tips for choosing short jeans include choosing whatever color one prefers, looking for ones that give the look one desires, finding ones of the preferred length and considering making them at home out of old jeans.

Slim individuals may choose to wear shorter shorts with tight-fitting waists.
Slim individuals may choose to wear shorter shorts with tight-fitting waists.

Jean colors can vary from an acid wash color to a dark denim. Consumers might even find jeans in colors that are not the traditional blue, such as white or black. There is no color that is better than the other, so choosing a jean color should be based on one's personal preferences.

Generally, mid-length short jeans can look good on anyone. They'll also complement many styles of footwear. Women can pair mid-length shorts with a heeled shoe to make their legs look longer.

Making shorts work for a particular figure, however, might be a concern for some people. Those who are short and slim can wear shorter shorts with tight-fitting waists. Someone whose body has well-defined lines to it can wear loose-fitting jeans or jeans with pleats to make his or her body appear as if it is softer and curvier. A tall person might want to consider buying jeans that are loose and a little bit stretchy to accommodate his or her height. Jeans with cuffs can also help balance out one's body, if the bottom half of it is much longer than the top half.

The wearer doesn't have to show a lot of leg if he or she doesn't want to. Shorts can also be available in longer lengths. Short jeans can go down to the knee or even lower, for those who are more comfortable with that length. A person who is a bit on the heavy side might try wearing shorts that stop right above the knee to help balance out his or her shape and to help with proportions.

Someone who is on a budget and looking for a cheap or free way to wear short jeans might consider making his or her own. One's own closet might contain a pair of old jeans that still fit and can be turned into short jeans by taking a pair of scissors to them. The jeans can be cut to whatever length is preferred. The jeans can fray naturally, or they can be mended on a sewing machine for a cleaner look. A benefit of making one's own short jeans is that they can be made to any specifications necessary.

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