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How Do I Choose the Best Liquid Blush?

N. Swensson
N. Swensson

Choosing the best liquid blush depends on a person's skin tone and type as well as the look that a person wants to create. Using a product that complements and blends with her natural skin tone creates a natural look, while using a brighter shade can appear more vibrant and dramatic. The overall color of the blush is also an important choice, again with muted shades looking more subtle and bright and highly pigmented color giving a bolder appearance. There are many different formulations of liquid blush, from sheer stains with a very watery consistency that work well with oily skin to thicker, creamier types that create a dewy look to complement dry skin. Cheek stains also come in a range of sheens, some with a lot of shimmer and others with none, which also affects the overall appearance and may be more or less appropriate depending on the situation.

Those wanting to create a natural, slightly flushed look with liquid blush should choose a color that is similar to their skin tone. For example, people with yellow or golden undertones would find that colors in the peach or brown families would match their skin the best. Rose and pink shades would work best on people whose skin has these colors as natural undertones. Finally, those with darker skin tones may choose colors like mahogany or deep red. On the other hand, people who like a bolder blush that stands out more could choose a color that is the opposite of their skin tone, although it is still important to apply the liquid blush lightly and blend the edges thoroughly.

Woman shopping
Woman shopping

In addition to shades, liquid blush also comes in a variety of color saturations, from very watery and sheer stains to highly pigmented types with a great deal of color. Thinner liquids tend to dry faster and often work best with oily skin, because they don’t absorb as quickly and don’t have a lot of sheen. People with dry skin may want to choose a creamier textured liquid that will help the skin appear more luminous and will be easier to blend. Usually, creamy blush is also shimmery and also can work well as a highlighter, although it may not set enough to stand up to very hot weather like the more watery formulations.

As with any blush, proper application is important. Liquid blush should be applied on the apples of the cheeks, with the brightest color in the area just under the eyes. Some types of liquid blush are best applied with the fingertips, while others blend better with a foundation brush. After applying the blush, adding a small amount of foundation around the edges helps to smooth and blend it, which is an essential when using liquid blush.

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    • Woman shopping
      Woman shopping