How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Blush?

Kay Paddock

Blush is facial makeup that enhances the cheekbones and emphasizes the skin's healthy glow. Cheap blush can work as well as expensive brands if you choose carefully. Powder blush is usually the best choice for most people, so it may be best to avoid cheap cream, stick or liquid-gel type blushes. The most important factor in choosing the best cheap blush is to make sure the colors are a good match with your skin tone.

In a pinch, lip gloss can be substituted for blush.
In a pinch, lip gloss can be substituted for blush.

Most of us have seen people wearing blush that stands out in a defined strip or rounded area. Even the most expensive blush can look that way if it is the wrong color for the skin or if it is applied incorrectly. When you are ready to buy cheap blushes, you can look at your cheeks when you are slightly flushed to get the right shade. Lightly pinching your cheeks, checking after exercise or even bending over for a minute or two to get some color into your face are all ways to match the right blush to your naturally flushed skin tone.

Blush enhances the cheekbones.
Blush enhances the cheekbones.

When looking at blush colors, also consider the clothing and lipstick colors that look best on you. The shade of lipstick that looks best with your skin tone might also look good on your cheeks. It is typically best to use the same color family in both blush and lipstick so that the colors blend rather than clash.

If you look better in certain clothing colors, you may want to choose cheap blush in the same color tones. If you look best in cool colors such as green or blue, for example, then cooler blush colors such as shades of plum or pastel pinks may be best. If your wardrobe is made up of warmer colors such as orange, yellow and red, then warmer blushes including deep pinks or bronzes may blend with your skin tone better. If you have a reddish skin tone that you want to minimize, you can choose blush colors that have brown, yellow or orange undertones instead of pinks to help balance your complexion.

Blush quality cannot always be determined by price, but brush quality often can. A cheap blush color will probably come with a small brush that is either too stiff or too soft to work well. You may wish to invest in a quality blush brush or use soft makeup sponges so you can be sure to apply and blend the makeup properly. Many experts prefer a thin fan brush for getting the color spread evenly and naturally across the cheeks. Even a cheap blush can look good if it is the right color and is applied carefully.

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