How Do I Choose the Best Blush Set?

B. Miller

Blush can be a great way to lightly enhance your appearance and make you look healthier and more vibrant. A blush set can be a great way to get a number of complementary colors in one set, as they can be blended together and combined for the most natural appearance. When selecting the best blush set, begin by considering the time of day, as well as even the time of year that you want to wear the blush; as most people's skin tones fade a bit in the winter, this will affect the colors you choose. Consider also the type of blush you want, such as a powder, cream, or tint, all of which have unique benefits and downsides.

A woman has blush applied to her cheeks.
A woman has blush applied to her cheeks.

Starting there, with a decision about the different types of blush, is probably a good idea. Powder blush is the most common, brushed onto the cheeks with a makeup brush. It is easy to apply, and is typically pretty long-lasting, sometimes recommended for people with oily skin. Cream blush can be a good choice for drier skin types, as it often includes moisturizer as well, and is a little lighter in appearance than powder blush. Gel and tint blush can work on any type of skin type and have a nice sheer appearance, but they are also very quick drying and less forgiving of mistakes in application.

A blush set can be blended together to create a more natural appearance.
A blush set can be blended together to create a more natural appearance.

Next consider what you want your blush set to do. Shades of pink are by far the most common selections in a blush set, often with some slightly lighter sheer colors and slightly darker colors for blending. As a general rule, lighter colors are best for daytime use, and darker colors are best for evening, but there should really not be that much disparity between the blush colors you use in day or evening. Colors that are even slightly too dark will look unnatural.

Another great and versatile type of blush set is a collection of bronzers. These are golden-toned blushes that can be applied on the cheeks, chin, and forehead to give the face a slightly tanned look. Darker bronzers can be used in the summer, but lighter bronzers can even be used in the winter months when the skin is paler. These can really make the skin look nice, bright, and healthy. Before purchasing any shade of blush in the store, be sure to try it first to see how it looks with the skin undertones; every person typically has warm or cool undertones in the skin, which will greatly affect the blush set choices.

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