How Do I Choose the Best Fitness Training Courses?

Lainie Petersen

When selecting fitness training courses, you should consider the fitness training techniques that you are interested in learning, whether the program you are interested in qualifies you for certification by a recognized physical fitness professional association, as well as the cost and logistics of taking the classes. In some cases, you may wish to take a variety of fitness training courses in order to develop a well-rounded skill set, especially if you want to maximize your ability to teach a variety of different exercise courses in gyms or other settings. On the other hand, if you are interested in teaching a particular mode of exercise, you should do your research and find well-regarded certification organizations for that form of exercise.

Consider which training techniques you want to learn before beginning a training course.
Consider which training techniques you want to learn before beginning a training course.

If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer or teaching exercise and fitness techniques to others, it is generally a good idea to take fitness training courses from a reputable education provider. These courses will enable you to safely instruct others so that they can reach their fitness goals. Many gyms and other exercise venues may be reluctant to hire you if you do not have formal education in physical fitness training, physical education, or a related field. Although it is possible to earn an academic degree in these areas, another option is to earn certification from a physical fitness professional organization or a proprietary education technique company.

To begin the process of enrolling in fitness training courses, contact the organization or organizations from which you are interested in taking courses. Ask about what qualifications you will need to achieve initial certification. You may be presented with a choice of courses or a set curriculum. Depending on the organization, you may be able to take classes through a local affiliate, or you may have to travel to the organization's headquarters for training. In some cases, it is possible to take fitness training courses via distance learning.

Ask the education provider for information about any accreditations or approvals held. Ideally, the courses you take should be from the school that is recognized as legitimate within the fitness community as well as by accreditation agencies. Another consideration is cost. Ask the school about its tuition rates and whether it participates in financial aid or vocational training programs. You may also wish to ask physical fitness trainers in your area about their educational program and whether they can recommend any schools or programs to you.

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