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How do I Choose the Best Ergonomic Mesh Chair?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Choosing the best ergonomic mesh chair means considering much of the criteria you would consider when choosing any type of ergonomic chair. Mesh offers ventilation while sitting for long periods of time, adding to the comfort of the chair, but in general, the mesh does not affect the chair's ergonomic features. When choosing your ergonomic mesh chair, look for adjustability both in the height of the chair as well as in other features such as the armrests and seat back. It is important to choose an ergonomic mesh chair with adequate lumbar spine support as well as neck and shoulder support in the form of adjustable arm rests and neck or head pads.

Choose a mesh that will be durable enough to support your weight. For heavy people, a more durable mesh may be necessary, so be sure to check the manufacturer's weight limits. If you are heavier than the maximum weight limit, look for a more durable mesh or consider going with a different type of ergonomic chair. Remember that heavy-duty mesh will mean a more expensive ergonomic mesh chair; if the mesh is not a priority for you, you can consider purchasing an ergonomic chair that does not feature mesh.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Adjustability is the most important aspect of any type of ergonomic chair. The seat bottom should adjust up and down to allow you to find a position that will keep your feet flat on the ground. The seat back should tilt forward and backward, and the armrests should raise up and down to allow you to find the best position for typing; the arms should be bent at around a ninety degree angle, and should not be thrust forward far enough that the shoulders strain to keep the arms in position.

Lumbar spine support means the seat back supports the lower back and keeps it from slumping backward. This keeps the spine in a healthy, neutral position and keeps stress off the hips as well. Make sure the ergonomic mesh chair you choose has adequate lumbar spine support, and the materials that the seat back is made from should be durable enough that it will not wear out, thereby reducing the amount of lumbar support available to you.

Many ergonomic chairs will feature head and neck rests. These help keep the neck and head in a neutral position that will help prevent muscle strain; strain can in turn lead to headaches or muscle aches. Look for a chair that features such supports, and try to find a chair with adjustable supports to accommodate people of different heights.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book