What are the Different Kinds of Ergonomic Seating?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett
The common office chair is the most common type of ergonomic seating.
The common office chair is the most common type of ergonomic seating.

There are many different types of ergonomic seating, but most people seek out ergonomic seating for work purposes. As such, the majority of ergonomic seating designs available in stores are designed for computer work or desk work. There are a variety of chairs that meet this constraint, including normal western chairs, kneeling chairs, and a wide variety of other seating options. Generally, people who design ergonomic chairs attempt to create a piece of furniture that is comfortable for the user and adapted for a very particular kind of activity.

The most popular kind of ergonomic seating is the common office chair. These chairs are usually designed to put the user at an appropriate height to use a computer and may include armrests, lumbar support, and footrests. Typically, their effectiveness as ergonomic chairs is dependent on proper use.

Another kind of popular ergonomic seat is the kneeling chair. This type of chair places the user in a position similar to kneeling, although not all of the user's weight is on his or her knees. The user generally exercises more sitting muscles and stays more alert for work in this position.

Active sitting chairs encourage the body's intricate muscles to continue to work even while sitting. There are many designs that make the user's body stay balanced by making the sitting surface less solid or wobbly. Some people find it difficult to work in this type of chair, although it is thought to be healthier for the body.

All of these ergonomic seating options come in varying levels of quality and many different styles. Chairs that appear to be ergonomic but are poorly made may not fulfill the functions of an ergonomic seat. The actual materials used to make the chair can affect its comfort and the amount to which it can be considered ergonomic. For instance, a mesh chair keeps the body from getting sweaty when sitting in it, while a leather chair is often more cushioned. Different users often have a preference as to which is the most comfortable.

In addition to the types of seating used for working with computers and at desks, there is also ergonomic seating designed for reading, reclining, and gaming. People often use different positions for these activities, and therefore seating designed for offices will be inappropriate. Reading chairs, for instance, are often angled in such a way that the book is at a comfortable distance from one's face, while recliners often take pressure off the body. Gaming chairs may incorporate aspects of game play into the chair and be so comfortable that a person can sit for hours playing. Every different user and every different activity will have a unique ideal pose, so ergonomic seating designs are conceivably limitless.

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    • The common office chair is the most common type of ergonomic seating.
      By: amorphis
      The common office chair is the most common type of ergonomic seating.