How do I Choose the Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chair?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Choosing the best ergonomic kneeling chair is largely a matter of preference, though some general criteria can be followed to find the best model for you. First and foremost, the ergonomic kneeling chair you choose should be as adjustable as possible to allow different body sizes to be accommodated while sitting. It helps to have a chair that is on wheels for easy movement, and the chair should be made from durable and comfortable materials that will withstand daily use. Choosing the best ergonomic kneeling chair will require that you test several, since the position is strange for most people and finding one that is appropriate comfortable will take some time and patience.

The best ergonomic kneeling chair will promote proper posture above all else. The spine should be in a neutral position, which means it achieves an S-curve while sitting normally. The weight of the body is transferred through the legs, and the core muscles of the body are encouraged to support the spine as they are supposed to do. Be sure to choose a chair that is appropriately padded at all the locations in which the body will bear weight: most commonly the knees and the seat.

Choose an ergonomic kneeling chair that is made from durable materials. Particleboard legs and supports should be avoided, as these are commonly prone to breaking. Some plastics are strong enough to be durable, and metals are very durable but usually heavier than other materials. Check all joints for solid connections, and be sure high-quality hardware is used for construction of the chair.

Make sure the chair is easy to get into and out of. The unique design of an ergonomic kneeling chair can make it difficult to use sometimes, so be sure the model you choose has enough room around the seat and the kneelers that access to the proper position is easy. Many models are adjustable, and they are often mounted on casters that allow the chair to swivel and move in and out from a desk. Try to choose a model that is adjustable but stable; some people prefer the stability of models that are not mounted on casters, while others like the adjustability of the casters.

Some ergonomic chairs feature a seat back as well. This is, again, a matter of preference: some people like the added support of a seat back, while others believe it detracts from the benefits of an ergonomic kneeling chair and encourages the body to sit back in a slumped position. Be sure to try both types of models before making a purchase.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book