How Do I Choose the Best Day Bed Sofa?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen
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In order to choose the best day bed sofa, there are a number of factors you may want to take under consideration. One important factor is the room in which you plan to use the day bed, since existing decor and available space can both affect your choice. You should consider looking for a day bed sofa that is about half as long as the wall you intend to place it against, and the material the frame is made of should match your other furniture. The type of mattress is another factor you may want to take into account, since you will need to choose one that is comfortable to both sit and sleep on. If you want to be able to expand the size of your day bed, or add additional sleeping space, then you should also look for a unit that includes a pop-up or slide-out trundle.

Day bed sofas are a type of furniture that are designed to perform two separate functions, which can increase the usefulness of a room. They are essentially sofas with especially deep seats, and typically use a twin sized mattress. That allows a day bed to be used as a seat during the day and a bed at night. Like other sofa sleepers, these beds are particularly useful in studio apartments, guest rooms, dens, and other similar spaces.

Before you start looking for a day bed sofa, you may want to examine the room that it will be placed in. The length of the room is important to consider, since you should look for a day bed sofa that is about half as long as the wall it will be placed against. This is primarily for aesthetic reasons, to prevent the room from looking crowded, and to reinforce the idea that the day bed is supposed to be used as a couch. You can also purchase an appropriate throw rug or coffee table to place in front of the day bed to achieve this same effect. The day bed you select should also match any other furniture that is in the room, so make sure to avoid choosing a frame that is likely to clash with other furniture you already own.

Another important consideration is the type of mattress, since you will need to choose one that is well suited to both sleeping and sitting. Mattresses that are too hard can be uncomfortable to sleep on, and overly soft mattresses can be awkward to sit on since day beds are deeper than regular couches. If the day bed is going to be slept on every night, then the person who will use it should select a mattress firmness that he or she is comfortable with.

Many day bed sofas also come with some type of trundle bed, which is a way to expand the sleeping area. Some trundle beds are designed to pop up and slide against the day bed sofa, which can result in a sleeping area similar to that of a king size bed. Other trundles are built into drawers, do not pop up, and simply add another twin sized bed that slides out of the way when it is not needed. If one of those options seems like it would be well suited to your needs, then you should look for a day bed sofa that includes that type of trundle.

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    • Woman posing
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