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How do I Choose the Best Business Process Guide?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

A business process is a structure or set of steps that allows a business or organization to achieve a certain goal related to factors such such as productivity and customer or client satisfaction. A business process guide is any text, document, or program that assists you in developing a process to meet your needs. To choose the best business process guide, you should first determine which kind of business process you are concerned with developing.

There are three different kinds of business processes, and the best business process guide for your purposes will be the one that relates to the specific process you wish to develop. A management process focuses on the way in which operations are governed. A helpful guide for management process is often directed toward managers and project leaders who are concerned with developing strategies and improving the performances of employees and team members.

Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

Operational processes are those which constitute the actual functions of a business. Sales, manufacturing, and advertising are areas in which operational processes may be applied. The best guide for this kind of process will normally be one related to a relevant area of operations and may offer guidance that is customized for a specific good or service.

Guides that provide assistance in developing supporting processes are those that assist readers in developing plans and strategies that enhance the performance of processes that provide financial, technical, or employee support. For assistance in developing supporting processes, you may choose a guide that focuses on issues such as optimization of accounting functions, hiring and recruiting, or technological development.

To choose the best business process guide, it will also be necessary to consider the method by which you would most like to learn from the guide. Many professionals who wish to optimize business processes prefer to use books that provide instruction, examples, and case studies. Some of the best business process guide books are those written by experts who have either academic training in developing certain processes or who have experience in business process redesign and management.

Others prefer guides that may be accessed through a computer. These can be online guides that are published on the Internet. Online guides are sometimes free to access, while others must be downloaded for a price. Software also exists which allows managers and project leaders to access useful forms and instructions for creating business processes. These computer programs can be very useful for developing financial plans that may require a number of different statements and other accounting documents.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase