How do I Choose the Best Change Management Guide?

D. Nelson

Change management is the structured process of shifting a business from its current conditions to a new set of conditions, normally to increase productivity or efficiency. In business, this process may regard individuals, teams, or whole organizations. Change management guides are tools that are designed to help management teams to plot complex plans for change management. In order to choose the best change management guide, it is a good idea to consider which goals you hope to achieve. It also may be advisable to make your decision based on the size of the change you hope to make.

The best change management guide can depend on the intended outcome, such as improved teamwork and motivation.
The best change management guide can depend on the intended outcome, such as improved teamwork and motivation.

When looking for the best change management guide, it can be important to consider your desired outcome. For example, those who would like to improve the efficiency of a particular operation might want to consider guides that discuss concepts such as teamwork, leadership, and business motivation. One who wants to impact the future productivity and earnings of a whole organization may do better with a change management guide that addresses matters regarding cost effectiveness, marketing, and sales.

Because change management methods vary according to the size of the process, it could be helpful to consider change management resources that relate directly to the individual or larger unit that is undergoing the change. If you hope to see an individual go through change, a good change management guide may be one that focuses on positive reinforcement for success. Likewise, that same guide might help you to explain the change in detail to the individual and help him or her to understand why the change is necessary.

The best change management guide regarding teams or departments is often that which focuses on concepts of teamwork and increased motivation. This guide may also educate you in how to become a leader who helps team members and employees adapt to changes in procedure that are different from the current methods and practices.

The best change management guides for redirecting the operations of whole organizations often focus on leadership and motivation. Many guides may suggest that business owners and managers bring in change management specialists. A change management specialist is a professional who specializes in helping employees who are undergoing change to adapt to new practices. In many cases, a specialist will help to lower employee resistance to the change while increasing the speed at which proficiency of the new methods is achieved.

It can be helpful to remember that the best guide is that which provides you with the greatest amount of change management support when it comes to helping the people who make up your organization. Employees often feel resentment and insecurity when change is implemented. A good change management guide can help you empathize and communicate with the employees who are resistant to change so that you can encourage engagement instead of resentment during the process.

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