How Do I Choose the Best Bespoke Boxes?

Bryce Clinton
Bryce Clinton
A bespoke cardboard box.
A bespoke cardboard box.

Good advice for choosing the best bespoke boxes, or custom-made boxes, begins with thoroughly analyzing your need for the boxes. You should know your exact purpose and budget for custom-made boxes, as well as each detail concerning size, shape and compartments. Unless you have a high degree of flexibility with regard to your bespoke boxes, you generally should determine your preferred materials and aesthetic considerations in advance.

Knowing the appropriate type of bespoke boxes for your needs is essential to making the best choice. You might be looking for a custom-made wooden box for jewelry, writing supplies or keepsakes, or your needs might be determined by packaging considerations that are related to a presentation or a gift. For gifts and events requiring many boxes, a custom-made or already-produced cardboard box is a popular choice.

Another consideration when choosing the best bespoke boxes is knowing the right language to help you conduct research. Any type of custom-made box can be a bespoke box, so while searching through the phone book or on the Internet, you should describe your needs specifically, including not only dimensions and materials but also what will be stored or shipped in the box. With writing boxes, for example, you should mention pens, stationary or calligraphy, and with keepsake boxes, you should mention the objects to be housed, such as rings or brooches. When ordering boxes for events, you should be specific about what is being celebrated, such as a wedding day, christening or birthday.

Wooden bespoke boxes are usually handmade and are more expensive than machine-made boxes. A bespoke wooden box can be made from any number of types of wood. It might be ornate and engraved or trimmed with brass or leather, and its interior might contain multiple lift-out trays lined with velvet or silk. If you are seeking a box like this, you usually needs to find a specialized craftsman, although some varieties are mass-produced. The quality of materials and craftsmanship generally rise in direct proportion to what you are willing to spend.

Decorative machine-made boxes for gifts, portfolios, art supplies or scrapbooking can be produced in any size, shape or color and adorned with almost any image or pattern. You might determine all of the specifications yourself or mix and match ready-made options, both of which have distinct advantages, depending on the circumstances. Boxes might be equipped with a lid, or they might be folded, and they might have one compartment or many. They might be opaque or transparent, and they can be produced to be odd shapes, such as round, oval or even heart-shaped.

There are so many options when it comes to choosing bespoke boxes that determining all of the necessary characteristics is key — but so is pricing their production. You should always shop in more than one place to be assured of getting the best price. It also is useful to know your time frame so that you can inquire about the production time needed.

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    • A bespoke cardboard box.
      By: Kayros Studio
      A bespoke cardboard box.