How Do I Choose the Best Bespoke Shirtmaker?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
A tailor might offer bespoke shirtmaking at a reasonable price.
A tailor might offer bespoke shirtmaking at a reasonable price.

If you need to choose a bespoke shirtmaker, you should contact several shirtmakers to review their work, prices, and turnaround time. Ask for references from individuals who themselves purchase and wear bespoke shirts. You may also want to research local shirtmakers online through various review sites. Finally, consider asking your tailor if he ever makes bespoke shirts, as you may find that he offers the service at a reasonable price. If you do not live near a bespoke shirtmaker, you should be aware that some shirtmakers travel to other countries periodically to take measurements and orders for shirts, so you should inquire as to whether this service is offered.

Bespoke clothing generally costs considerably more than off-the-rack garments and typically requires that you undergo several fittings in order to received your finished product. This investment of both time and money means that you want to choose the best bespoke shirtmaker that you can. You may want to begin your search for a shirtmaker by asking individuals in your social or professional networks if they can recommend someone to you. If you already have a tailor, you may want to ask him if he offers bespoke clothing or whether there is someone he feels comfortable recommending.

Internet review websites may also be good resources, as you can read the opinions of several people on various shirtmaking firms and view the shirtmakers' websites at the same time. As you study the reviews, pay attention to patterns in the comments. If you see the same complaints or compliments cropping up throughout the reviews for one particular shirtmaker, you can probably assume that the information contained in those reviews is true and make your decision accordingly.

After you assemble a list of professionals, contact each one. Ask about their pricing, the process for ordering a shirt, and length of time it takes for a shirt to be completed. If the shirtmaker has a website, you may wish to visit the site to get an idea of the styles that a particular firm seems to specialize in. You should also pay attention to the fabrics and may wish to take the selection offered by a given bespoke shirtmaker into consideration when making your decision. In some cases, a visit to the shirtmaker's place of business may be the best way for you to determine whether you like the quality of his or her work and the materials from which the shirts are made.

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    • A tailor might offer bespoke shirtmaking at a reasonable price.
      By: tecnofotocr
      A tailor might offer bespoke shirtmaking at a reasonable price.