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What Does a Bespoke Tailor Do?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

A bespoke tailor is a skilled tradesperson who creates custom garments for his clients. Typically, he will be involved in every aspect of a garment's creation, beginning with taking a client's measurements, creating a pattern, and then actually producing the garment. In many cases, the tailor will also work with his client in choosing appropriate fabrics and styles. The work of a bespoke tailor differs from that of other types of tailors and garment workers in that the garments he creates are designed for one person rather than mass-market distribution. In addition, while tailors in general perform alterations on garments, the bespoke tailor generally creates a garment and then makes necessary alterations rather than simply altering clothing made by and purchased from another source.

While many people purchase their clothing ready made from various shops, some individuals have the need or desire to have their clothing produced just for them. In such cases, they will typically seek out the services of a bespoke tailor, who will create a garment uniquely suited to her client. In many cases, the client will rely on the tailor to guide him in choosing the materials and design of the garment, something that is generally only possible when purchasing bespoke clothing. The tailor will typically have a good understanding of fabrics and so will be able to advise a client as to what fabrics are best suited to her lifestyle, body type, and style of garment. A bespoke tailor may also perform hand-sewing as appropriate on a garment as part of its construction and alteration instead of relying entirely machines.

A tailor's tape measure.
A tailor's tape measure.

Individuals who want to become bespoke tailors may get their initial training through fashion or sewing classes taken in high school, vocational school, or even at a college. The tailor may also serve a formal or informal apprenticeship while working in a business that tailors or produces garments. He may begin by learning how to perform simple alterations or to produce ready-made garments. He will also learn how to take appropriate measurements and how to produce patterns. As in any skilled trade, the tailor will eventually develop a thorough understanding of clothing so that she is able to consistently produce quality custom garments. Tailors are not typically designers of the clothing they create, however. Instead, they construct the patterns and clothing in accordance with a design produced by a fashion design professional.

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    • A tailor's tape measure.
      By: Schlierner
      A tailor's tape measure.
    • Bespoke tailors make clothing specifically for their customers.
      By: tecnofotocr
      Bespoke tailors make clothing specifically for their customers.