How Do I Choose the Best Baby Shower Bouquet?

Susan Grindstaff

One of the most important things to do before choosing a baby shower bouquet is to determine how much money you have to spend. Once you know that, it is simply a matter of matching the baby shower bouquet to the theme of the event. You will also want to consider how the bouquet is going to be used. Will it be presented to the mother, or will it be used as a table decoration? Both of these factors will be essential in determining types of flower and accents in the bouquet, as well as the overall size of the piece.

Knowing the sex of the baby may be useful when choosing a baby shower bouquet.
Knowing the sex of the baby may be useful when choosing a baby shower bouquet.

If you are purchasing the baby shower bouquet on your own, unless money is not an object, you will likely be limited in what you can afford. It might be a good idea to get the assistance of some of the invited guests. If you feel uncomfortable asking outright for a donation, you could include a note on the invitations.

For bouquets that will be given to the mother, you will want to determine what types of flowers are her favorites. You might also want to ascertain if she has any allergies to particular plants or flowers. Once you have this information, try to choose a baby shower bouquet that will be long-lasting, as some flowers will wilt much more quickly than others.

If the baby shower bouquet is to be used as a table decoration, you should still consider the preferences of the mother, but you will have a lot more leeway as to size. Find out what other table decorations will be present, and plan the bouquet accordingly. You probably want to choose a bouquet that is not so large that it reaches from one side of the table to the other. It is usually better if there is enough room around the centerpiece to allow for necessary table functions.

When selecting a baby shower bouquet, the theme is often related to the sex of the expected baby, if it is known. For boy babies, blues are traditional, while pink is frequently used for girls. If the sex of the baby is unknown, you have a much wider variety of colors from which to choose. You can choose a bouquet with virtually any combination of colors, once again paying special attention to the theme of the event and the preferences of the mother.

Accents are an integral part of a bouquet designed for a special event, and for a baby shower, there are many possible options. For instance, you could have the bouquet decorated with booties, pacifiers, or diaper pins, or if the baby’s name has already been decided, you could personalize the bouquet. You can have the florists do these accents for you, but adding them yourself probably will likely not be difficult and it might even be fun.

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