What Are the Best Tips for Making a Daisy Bouquet?

Misty Amber Brighton

Any type of daisy can be used to make a daisy bouquet, and it is perfectly acceptable to mix different varieties. Gerber daisies are often used when making wedding bouquets, and it can be a good idea to add roses or carnations to one of these arrangements. Before working with the flowers, florists should make sure the stems are cut and prepared properly. The stems can be joined with ribbon, wire, or florist tape, and adding some lace or netting can give a themed bouquet a finished look.

Daisies make wonderful flowers for bouquets.
Daisies make wonderful flowers for bouquets.

There are many varieties of daisy; some grow wild while others can be cultivated in a garden. A daisy bouquet may consist solely of one type of flower, or multiple varieties can be mixed together to create an arrangement. Wildflowers might be used for a casual bouquet, while garden cultivars could be better choices for an elegant dinner. Gardeners may want to use a mixture of wild daisies and tame ones when sending a floral arrangement for a birthday party or baby shower.

Gerber daisies are popular choices for wedding arrangements.
Gerber daisies are popular choices for wedding arrangements.

Gerber daisies are normally very brightly colored flowers, and these specimens are often used to make wedding bouquets. These look especially beautiful when other bright blossoms are added to the mixture. Roses and carnations add an elegant touch, and it can be a good idea to use miniature varieties rather than full-sized blossoms in a daisy bouquet. Only a few blooms are needed, and these can be evenly spaced throughout the arrangement to add visual interest.

Daisies are usually good keepers once they have been cut, provided the stems are trimmed properly. It can be a good idea to gather all the flowers together at one time so that all the stems can be cut the same length. If the stems are cut at an angle, this can help them absorb water when placed in a vase. It is generally not necessary to trim the plant's leaves unless they are brown or wilted.

To keep a daisy bouquet secure, it might be necessary to secure the stems with additional material. Florist wire or tape can hold the flowers together nicely, but some people like to use ribbon if they are making a themed bouquet. Once the daisies have been secured, some florists like to give the daisy bouquet an elegant touch by wrapping the arrangement in a lace or net backing before placing inside a colored tissue-paper background.

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