How Do I Choose the Best Cherry Blossom Bouquet?

Erin J. Hill

The main factor to consider when choosing a cherry blossom bouquet is the health of the flowers. It's important to check them thoroughly to ensure that they are healthy enough to last as long as possible. The best way to choose a healthy cherry blossom bouquet, aside from checking the flowers yourself before purchase, is to buy from a florist who can cut and arrange fresh flowers just prior to selling them to you.

Cherry blossoms only last a short time before withering.
Cherry blossoms only last a short time before withering.

If you already know you want a cherry blossom bouquet prior to purchase, you can likely arrange to have one custom-made from fresh flowers. This helps to ensure that the blossoms being used haven't been sitting for an extended period of time. If you buy a pre-made arrangement from a store or florist, there is a chance it has been sitting for a day or so. This means that the bouquet won't last as long after you get it home.

When looking at your bouquet, there are several things you should check for to determine how fresh the blossoms are. Look for any discoloration or bruising, as this can indicate dying leaves or petals. You should also keep an eye out for mold and wilting. Make sure you don't just check the petals, but also the leaves.

After you have determined that the cherry blossom bouquet you are considering is healthy, there are steps you can take to keep it fresh longer. Make sure leaves are not submerged in water, as this can lead to mold and other issues. The water should be fresh and clear, and plant food can be added to help keep the flowers and leaves vibrant for longer. You can also change the water daily to help ensure that it stays fresh.

Aside from these aspects, you should also consider price, size, and purpose when choosing a cherry blossom bouquet. Different sized arrangements will typically have different prices. Other flowers might also be added to accent the blossoms, and these may add to the price as well. It is also possible that various vases will impact the overall cost.

You should also consider what you will be using the arrangement for before buying. If it will be a gift, you might go with an arrangement with added ribbons or bows. A more elegant bouquet would be appropriate for weddings and other formal gatherings.

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