How do I Become a Change Coordinator?

Carol Francois

Many people who work in administration want to become a change coordinator. This role primarily is found in large organizations, ranging from multi-national corporations to government agencies. The skills necessary to become a change coordinator usually can be developed in a relatively short amount of time, making this an intermediate-level position.

Change coordinators often oversee documents and communications related to changes to ongoing projects.
Change coordinators often oversee documents and communications related to changes to ongoing projects.

There is no specific training program to help you become a change coordinator. Instead, most employers prefer candidates to have a general business degree or diploma. The primary skills that usually are required in this position are organization, communication, research, and management. Intermediate-level computer skills typically are required, and some employers look for certification in different office productivity software programs, such as Microsoft® Office Suite.

The first step on the path to become a change coordinator often is an entry-level administration position. Select a position that requires computer skills, and is focused on supporting an internal business process. For example, an administrative assistant position in the finance department usually is better than a front-desk receptionist position if you want to pursue this career path. The assistant position will allow you to use computer skills, work with managers within the organization, and allow you to gain an understanding about how the organization works.

As a change coordinator, you typically will be expected to work with a wide range of personalities, effectively communicate, and provide assistance as required. Skills in written and oral communication, conflict management, and support services are invaluable in this role. Many people take specific courses in these subjects to develop or enhance these skill sets. Talk to your human resources manager about the skills necessary to become a change coordinator.

Computer skills usually are central in this position. Make sure that you are able to quickly and effectively use the office productivity and project management software implemented in your organization. There are two or three widely used programs. Courses in these products are widely available.

When applying to become a change coordinator, highlight your computer and interpersonal skills. Focus on your ability to work with change, manage conflicting priorities, and interact with people in a range of positions. These skills can be developed through either employment or volunteer activities.

Change management has grown into a discipline, complete with reference materials, textbooks, and courses. Take the time to review one or two books on these concepts so that you are familiar with them. This investment of effort will allow you to use the latest terminology and provide smooth support to the change management process.

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